Cover to Chasing the Paper Canoe
  • Released: April 12, 2013
  • 120p., 11 x 12
  • ISBN: 9780976388128
  • Cloth
  • $54.95

Chasing the Paper Canoe

This inaugural publication from The Athenaeum Press reimagines Nathaniel Bishop’s journey down the Waccamaw River in a paper canoe more than a century ago. The book is the culmination of a year’s collaboration between students and faculty at Coastal Carolina University.

Chasing the Paper Canoe portrays the culture, desolation and stoic beauty of the Waccamaw River. Within its pages, readers find the historic rice fields contrasted to bankside home construction; the weathered waterfront of Georgetown and portraits of modern fisherman. It is a true portrait of what Bishop described as that “most crooked waterway.”

The project takes readers on a journey across water, history and form. Throughout the printed book, readers can see the stunning photographs come to life as streaming video through a feature called augmented reality. Both photographs and multimedia components were designed and produced by students in Coastal Carolina University’s pre-professional studio.

This book is a great read for historians, river enthusiasts, or those looking for a glimpse into cultural and natural shoreline along the Waccamaw’s black waters.

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