A War on Two Fronts
    Museum Exhibit, Traveling Exhibit and Book
  • Exhibit Launched: May 2015 at the Horry County Museum
  • Book Released: October 2015
  • Online Archive: forthcoming

A War on Two Fronts: Fighting for Victory at Home and Abroad

A War on Two Fronts is a multimedia and interactive physical and virtual exhibit on African American soldiers of the 92nd and 93rd Divisions in WWII.

The generation that fought in World War II is often referred to as the "Greatest Generation." During a time when racial segregation was legally sanctioned, black soldiers persevered through unequal treatment while at home and abroad. These conflicts established a collective desire for racial equality that challenged the discrimination present in American society at the time. These black soldiers became foot soldiers in the civil rights movement - shaping civil reformations throughout the twentieth century. This is a story of a War on Two Fronts.


Student Contributors

  • Derek Berthiaume, History
  • Erica Burkett, Design
  • Theresa Calabrese, Design
  • Joseph Churillo, History
  • Emily Englehart, Design
  • Leann Ford, History
  • Amanda Hamilton, History
  • Lindsay Hickman, English + History
  • Amy J. E. MacKenzie, Graduate English
  • Nicklaus McKinney, Film + History
  • Gabriel Miller, English
  • Michael Mistler, History
  • Steven Sargent, History + Digital
  • Deanna Washington, Communications

Faculty Advisors

  • Maggi Morehouse, PhD
  • Distinguished Burroughs Chair of Southern Studies, and Professor of History
  • Alli Crandell
  • Digital Content Coordinator
  • Scott Mann, MFA
  • Design and Production Manager, The Athenaeum Press, and Associate Professor of Visual Arts
  • Jennifer Boyle, PhD
  • Digital Manager, The Athenaeum Press, and Associate Professor of English and New Media